Help in selecting electric drives with savings potential

The aim of this tool is to help you select the electric drives with the greatest energy-saving potential.

Please note: The savings calculated up to the preliminary analysis are approximate values based on averages and statistical data. They may therefore differ significantly from actual savings. Only a detailed on-site analysis can provide precise savings estimates.

The Quick Check only takes a few minutes and is used to check the overall interest in your site before carrying out a detailed evaluation. This stage is not necessary if the potential is obvious.

The detailed assessment enables you to list your significant electrical workouts. This guide describes the type and characteristics of the relevant drives to be filled in. You can choose between:

  • connect anonymously, in which case a link with a code will enable you to find your company. Or you can export the list as an Excel file and re-import it later.
  • create an account, giving you quick access to your data.

The resulting report ranks the drives and systems according to their savings potential. This will enable you to select the most promising drives for a detailed analysis, for example.

Quick assessment Detailed assessment